Sunday, June 23, 2013

Introducing Kyle Kan

Hello Everyone! Here's the new comer Kyle Kan!

I am a Chinese but I believe my children will be Australian, hope they can still speak Chinese with me, anyway.

I am not a genius, but I am working hard and working smart.

I am not a native English speaker, but I have never stopped learning English. So if you don't understand my English, let me know; If I don't understand your English, you know it is not your fault.

I am not a fantastic guitar player, but I love playing guitar, it is a part of my heart, and I have been playing for more than 10 years.

I am not a good badminton player, but I do enjoy the game and the happiness it brings to me.

I am not a massive muscle guy, but I try to go to gym three times a week and build muscles.

I am not a big guy like a security, but I take any opportunity to learn martial arts, for myself, for my family and for my future family.

I am a very friendly guy with full of love to the creatures on the earth, absolutely including You ; )

I am a positive and optimistic person, I like to smile, I love laughing.

I am a graduate with a master degree in software engineering from the University of Sydney, because I was lucky to get admitted and studied hard to get graduated.

I am a vegetarian, because it is good to my health, no reason of not living longer, so if you wanna be a friend with me, stay healthy, otherwise we won't be friends for long, because you go early, jokes.

I am a developer, because I love it, love its creativity, love the IT industry because it is updating all the time so I can keep learning new things, or simply say I love what it is.

I am an associate developer at C Smart International, because I got hired.

I am a part of the C Smart International family, because I know you will love me and I will love you all.

Ta Ta.

Monday, April 1, 2013

Introducing Matthew Roche

I've recently graduated from UTS with a bachelor of Mathematics and Computing. I have a keen interest in furthering my abilities in programming and learning new technologies. I look forward to my coming months at CSmart.

I enjoy a wide range of activities in my spare time. I am an avid skier and snowboarder; I play indoor soccer weekly; Occasionally go rock climbing/canyoning with my sister and recently acquired my SCUBA diving license. 

Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Sydney Christmas party slideshow # 2

Hello you all,

Here are some fine photos taken from the camera of Mark Tabios. An excellent bunch of shots! Nice work Mark. 


Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Introducing Jehan Estepa

Jehan is the newest member to join the C Smart family. Jehan has provided us with a brief introduction about herself.
Please make her feel welcome!

I am an Java Developer from the Philippines who migrated to Australia in late 2011. I am currently doing Automation Testing for web and mobile applications which I totally enjoy. I look forward to developing further expertise in this discipline.   
In my spare time I write on my personal blog; love to cook (but often an experiment, really); and I am a movie and tv series fanatic. I also read books once in a while and have coffee with friends to catch up.

Sunday, January 20, 2013

Melbourne Christmas Function - ALUMBRA

Melbourne Christmas Function was held on 19 Jan 2013 (Saturday) at Alumbra. Many thanks to people who turned up for the function and very glad to see everyone were enjoyed themselves.

Jess has again formally announced his retirement on July this year at the function, and it was such a great speech from Paul for his kind words on Jess's contribution and achievement to the C Smart company over the past 10 years. Although he is leaving us soon, I am sure we will still see him around sometime at the next C Smart events. 

Jess and Evelyn has planned to live in UK for 6 months, 6 months caravanning through Australia and followed by the planned trip back to Tanzania. Their involvement in Tanzania, especially the kinder-garden has brought them a new focus to their lives and a greater understanding of others needs. Certainly, wish them all the very best for their future. 

Here is a short clip that captured during the function. Thank you.

Monday, September 17, 2012

Sydney Directors Award 2012

The Sydney Directors Award was held at Tokonoma Lounge on Sept. 13, 2012, while a similar event was being held in Melbourne. As we lounged sipping wines and nibbling on Japanese canapes, Matt Holani awarded the prizes to Steve Lukic, Matt Lynagh and Kenny Li. In Melbourne, the award went to Peter Salpigtidis. Special mentions were given to Keith Lewis, Tommy Tang, Amir Rafique, Doreen Cheng and Jeff Burns. Congratulation all and well done. Here is a short clip created by Tommy Tang of the Sydney event.

Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Introducing Jackson Lin

Jackson joins us as an Associate Developer as part of our Graduate Talent Management programme.  Jackson recently completed a Bachelor of Computing Science and Technology at the University of Sydney. 

Jackson spends his spare time playing piano, the odd basketball and participating in competitive gaming events (And even winning something occasionally! Such as Magic the Gathering FNM Drawn 1st place @ Good Games Sydney, Winner of Razor Lycosa Keyboard - Starcraft II Launch event @ City Hunter). Jackson is looking forward to being part of the C Smart family.