Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Melbourne Pre-Christmas Drinks Function 16 Dec 2011

The Pre-Christmas Drinks function in Melbourne was held at Bok Choy Tang Restaurant at Federation Square. The weather was perfect for holding this function outdoors. Everyone gathered at the venue and had a great time catching up as a company.

At around 6.30pm, Jess announced that the "Director's Award" winner for Melbourne this year was Chris Studdert. Congratulations to him. There were also Appreciation awards presented to Wendy Keith and Cassandra Loo. Following this, Paul had presented a beautiful and interesting speech about the Company direction with some background of current environment of Online Payments.

Apart from director award winner, we were also very excited to hear of the engagement of Cassandra Loo and Eric Wong, they’ve set the date as January 2013. 

On the second half of the afternoon, we started our Kris Kringle activities. As we had a small group in Melbourne where the people were generally kind, there wasn’t a lot of “stealing” happening during the game, and people were happy to receive their own K.K present.

The function continued on and drew to a close around 8.00pm. Thanks again to Cassandra for organising the event.

Monday, December 19, 2011

C Smart Sydney Xmas Party 2011

The Christmas party in Sydney was held at Bistrode CBD on Dec. 16, 2011. First on the programme was the announcement of this year's Directors awardees. Congratulations to Wendy Baker, Michael Lam, Warren Easton, Sandra van der Walt and Chris Studdart, with special mentions to Wendy Keith, Antony Smith, Joy Curva and Cassandra Loo.

Like last year, the party really kicked into gear when we started the Kris Kringle. It started out slow with people seemingly happy to pick their own gifts. But after breaking for the main meal, the carnivore in everyone seemed to have been awakened. Not sure where the Christmas spirit was in the room after that, as people stole gifts one after the other, and again and again. Ned Kelly would have been proud. All in good spirit, of course. Thank you Techie and Steve for organizing the Kris Kringle.

The above video was beautifully compiled by Tommy.